​Mary  June 27th

Bob   October 28

​Tom   June 28

​Tim August 31

Charles  October 14

Bill  November  16

​Faye December 14th

​Mary  July 30th

​Donna   May 22th

​Susan  Jan 19th

​Sandy Jan   Jan 7th

​Diana   Feb

​Birthdays With The Del-Counts

​Richfield American Legion

​Diane August 22

​Dorry  July 26th

Bobby Jones  August 28

​Mikie  August 1st

​Carole  July 6th

 Susan      March 21

​Peggy  July 26th

​Tommy      May 24th

Jeanne  May 25th

​Bev  June 23rd

​Marge Feb 15th

​Vicky   April 23rd

Cheryl  May 10th

​Joanna July 29

​Linda            Jan 4th

​Kathy Feyen  July 24th

Myron  Sept 19th

Fred Jan

.Robin  April 4th

.​Sheila  July 24th

Sandra December 9th

 Mary         August

​Linda  Jan

​John         September

Anthony  March

​Happy Birthday From The Del Counts

                       ​Tere August 21 .

Greg   ​September 2 

​Cathy August 31

Dawn  December 6th

​Terri  July 25th

Ellen   October 30

​Chico  September 7th

James  September 6th

​Peter   June 13th

​Barb            August 21        

​Lynn  October 3