The Fabulous Del Counts have since become the longest running rock and roll band in Minnesota,(58 years) Charles Schoen has received two Lifetime achievement awards,(Bill Diehl & MNHOF) and most importantly entertained well over a million fans across the Midwest. (It Just took him longer) This Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bands formula is simple: Play For The People. Whether it was a packed Met Center in the 60's, First Ave in the 70's, Exelcior Park Tavern in the 80's, Gregory's in the 90's, Medina Entertainment Center every decade, or 55th high school reunions 55 years after playing their prom. The Del Counts had their breakout year in 1964. "Let The Good Times Roll" became a Midwest hit that took them from sock hops to sensations. They made many significant memories for fans opening for recording artists like Wilson Pickett, The Moody Blues, The Hollies, The Young Rascals, Sonny and Cher, Tiny Tim, Three Dog Night, Strawberry Alarm Clock, etc. Also from being the house band at many of the premier clubs like Cascade 9, Mr. Nibbs, Burnsville Bowl, Nicklows, Excelsior Park Tavern, Gregory's, The President, and more. Songs like "What is the Reason" charted #4 on KDWB in 1967 and "Don't Let the Green Grass Fool Ya" in 71'. This Legendary Band can still be found on stage opening for national acts, summer festivals, corporate events, and local establishments. The Current Line-up is Charles Schoen (Vocals/Keys) Chris Casteneda (Guitar) Tim Miller (Bass) and Jon Schoen (Drums)

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